- If a team qualify for Nationals, we will make arrangements at that time.
- Spike teams practice twice a week on Monday, Wednesdays and/or Sunday, 2hrs per practice at Overton High School and at Mount Juliet Community Center for our East Location
- Each age group is guaranteed 6 tournaments, of which 2 to 3 may require overnight travel. However, each age group will not attend all of the same tournaments. Tournament schedules will be discussed with each team.
- Some tournaments are just on Saturdays, except for two day tournaments, they are on Saturday and Sunday.
- If you make a team, dues will be $850 for the season, $450 will be due by first practice in November 2018, and  $400 due in first practice in January 2019.
- Dues will cover your SRVA membership, jersey, practice and tournament entry fees. You will be responsible for travel/hotel cost, shorts, shoes, knee pads and optional warm ups and bags.

** With enough interest, Spike will host local league teams that practice once a week and play in only 2 local tournaments. This is TBD and depends on interest after tryouts.

- We expect our players and parents to carry themselves in a respectful manner.
- We encourage our parents to be very involved with our club and their child's development with spike and to volunteer to be team mom/dad. That being said, please let the coaches coach. If you have any concerns talk with your coach in private.
- We want everyone to be accountable and we need all players at practice and tournaments on time.
- Some parents may want to car pool and that is fine. For overnight tournaments, the club will pick a tournament hotel, and we encourage everyone to book the same hotel in a timely manner.
- You must let your coach know if you are going to be late or miss a club event.
- Playing time during tournaments is NOT guaranteed, and while game situations are unpredictable, coaches will give players an idea what their playing time may be like before going to a tournament. 
- What is guaranteed is that our coaches will coach everyone at practice and see to it that everyone show marked improvements.
- Check our website often for important notifications and changes.
- Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Super excited, lets have a great season :)


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